Drive Safe in New Zealand

Most visitors to New Zealand find that driving on our roads is a pleasant experience. Traffic is mild, campervan and car rentals are inexpensive, and our roads are well-maintained. If you’re new to the area, grab one of our GPS devices and use our safe driving tips to make your stay a safe and enjoyable experience. Visit the DriveSafe website for extra safety information.

The Basics

  • Always drive on the LEFT side of the road.
  • Vehicle passengers are required to wear a seat belt at all times.
  • The speed limits in towns and cities is usually 50 km/h (approx. 30 m/h), with some areas designated 70 km/h.
  • The speed limit on country roads and motorways is 100k m/h (about 60 m/h).
  • When turning at traffic lights, make sure to give way to people using pedestrian crossings.
  • At all times drivers must carry a valid New Zealand, international or internationally approved driver’s licence.

Tourist Driving Theory Quiz

Test your knowledge of the essential Road Code rules you’ll need to know while driving in New Zealand.