The stuff you need to know about NZ…


Road trips are quite honestly the best way to see this stunning country. We’re not just saying that because we sell campervan rental either – ask any kiwi, they’ll back us up. It’s safe, easy and really fun. Stop wherever and whenever you want at beaches, forests or cute little picnic stops. Our roads are in good nick and there’s hundreds of towns that are worth a look to meet a few decent locals. And the best thing about it road-tripping in NZ? Every half hour you’ll see something new – it might be a set of giant mountains, a furiously flowing river or even just a tranquil bay filled with Pohutakawa trees – the scenery is quite simply some of the best in the world.


The indigenous Maori culture of New Zealand is celebrated across the land and you’ll encounter interesting elements of it throughout your travels. Rotorua is your cultural hot spot – filled with geysers and hot pools, its the perfect backdrop to learn more about the people that defined the Kiwi culture. You’ll hear Maori language, meet Maori people and be able to take part in a few traditions – even learn the haka if you’re lucky.


New Zealand is bigger than you’d think and finding the best bits can be a little tricky. Luckily we’ve got a couple of recommendations to start you off; if you like sun and surf, Hot Water Beach in the Coromandel is a must. Of course, it’s not summer all year round, and when the snow starts falling it’s best to head to one of our ski mountains. If you’re here in the winter, you can’t miss the Treble Cone in Wanaka. As a general rule, if you want white sand and hot sun the North Island is where it’s at. After rugged mountains, miles of forest and some of the most magnificent scenic routes in the world? The South Island is where you want to be! And the best part is, you can find a little bit of paradise pretty much anywhere in the country.


We’re a little country that’s always looking for the next big thing, usually to jump off into some water. We’ve got heaps of rock jumps, bridge jumps and bungy jumps, or you could take a relaxing cruise down one of our many rivers and check out the scenery. The South Island’s Queenstown is the official adventure capital of the world – head there if you’re adamant you want to jump off something, go fast and get your adrenaline pumping. Not in the South Island? No worries! No matter where you go there’s always something exciting to do, so ask around.


We’re an English speaking country, but like a lot of places, we’ve made it our own. Here are four phrases you’ll need to know to blend in with the locals. 

Yeah, nah – The Kiwi way to decline an offer.

Bro – What you might call your friend or acquaintance, doesn’t actually have to be your brother.

Kia ora – Hi, not to be confused for G’day under any circumstance.

Sweet as – Yep, that’s the end of the sentence. You did good.